So, this is my first attempt at entering the blogosphere. Unlike so many of us, I've created my own template for entries and whatnot. I say this not in an attempt to brag or anything, but rather as an explanation for anything that may go horribly wrong. It's going to happen, trust me. I just hope you'll all bear with me.

So, what's going to appear in this space, limited as it is? Ramblings and musings, mostly. Some of it, as is my wont, will be political. Some of it will be job-related, though I am not exactly anonymous here; expect some names to be changed and details to be fudged. Still, I have some entertaining stories to tell, I think. Let's hope that you find them as entertaining as I do.

Otherwise, I'll be throwing up some interesting links and such, if only in an attempt to actually connect this website with the rest of the internet. I've heard that these "link" things are all the rage, as though squatting in my own forlorn corner of the web isn't allowed or something. I now have 10GB of bandwidth to squander, and with my new css skills, borrowed heavily from people like Stu Nicholls of CSS PLaY--who would no doubt be appaled at how poorly I've implemented some of his work here--I have streamlined the page so it should load quickly and smoothly. We'll see.

Let me also throw out a link to my favorite liberal evangelical (yes, they do exist!), Fred Clark of slacktivist. It's good reading, and I highly recommend it.

Enjoy, everyone! And contact me if you like the way this page is evolving!