Sometimes, there are benefits to being at work before dawn. It's quiet, usually, for one thing, and the drive into the office is mercifully devoid of traffic. Actually, that's a joke, because my commute is literally only a mile long (Click here for a map of one of my common walking routes (that's a tinyURL link)), and the worst traffic I ever encounter is pulling out of my driveway right when the school busses are coming down the road from the High School. Small town life is like that.

Anyway, sometimes you see something pretty, like the sun lighting up the clouds like a painting in the eastern sky:

It's worth clicking on the larger image. Of course, this is taken with my craptacular 1.3mp MotoRazr camera phone, so the best image you're going to get is still going to mostly suck. I can't wait until the next phone I get, so I can upgrade to 2003-era camera technology! Huzzah!

More mattresses disgracing our fair city, cast-offs of a thousand broken promises. . . .

The sign says no parking, but it's got nothing to say about leaving your sad, dirty mattress to rot on the side of the road, does it? So it must be OK, mustn't it? You know, I should check to see if these mattresses have had their informational tags removed. If this could only be classified as a federal crime, then the FBI could come in and root out the cause of this mattress-massacre epidemic!

Everyone Has an Opinion

It was with no small amount of sick-to-my-stomach feelings that I watched the President's speech to the nation last night, the 5th anniversary of the September 2001 terrorist attacks. As if you didn't know that already. Bad enough that Bush was using the opportunity again to tell us, in effect, "Get behind me and stop complaining." Bush also had to trot out a heartwarming tale of woe from a family whose father was killed in the attacks. I had to turn off the TV.

Why? Because it sickens me to see the man who has caused so much damage spout an anecdote about one family's suffering to justify all the death and madness he's caused over the last five years. Do I feel for the family? As much as I can for anyone I don't know who's been through a terrible tragedy, sure. But to have Bush trot them out as some horse-and-pony show to tug our heartstrings in an attempt to get us to stop questioning anything he says? Sickening.

I encourage all of you to check out Keith Olbermann's response to the trite, propagandistic exploitation of this anniversary on Crooks and Liars. A lot of people give Olbermann flack because he used to be on SportsCenter, but in the last year or so he's stepped up to the plate and started being the voice of those of us who are fed up with the bullshit this administration keeps feeding us. Too bad no one actually watches MSNBC.

When you're done reading/watching that, check out some of my newest opinion columns: Two were recently published in the Tribune. The third may or may not ever run. It's the sort of politically charged column that I'm having a little trouble getting through the gate-keepers these days. I'll give it a shot sometime, though. What the heck!

And, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a message of joy and love: Click here. This may actually be offensive to some people, though I find it childish, so we'll keep it off the front page! Be warned, this may not be safe for your work environment.

And, just because we haven't seen one lately, I give you a church sign:

I don't have anything to add to this image, frankly, except to say, what the Christ? I mean, really, I have no idea what's going on here. Help me out: E-mail the Overlord and tell me what this means.

Mattress Massacre

Your favorite blog sucks, as does this one. Once again, an inordinate amount of time has passed us by, and this space has remained steadily un-updated. Don't you hate that? Me too! Honest!

Innocent of the tawdry world around me as ever, I walked to work this afternoon, following my midday repast. It seemed a day like any other, when suddenly I was presented with this sight:

You really need to see the bigger version to appreciate this one. Yes, it's not one, not two, but four discarded mattresses, all within the same field of view! On the big version, I've helpfully outlined the offending bed materials in red.

What is this about? Why is this happening? True, the one furthest from where this picture was taken--in front of the pickup truck in the distance there--has been sitting on the curb for a few weeks; and let me tell you, by the way, that mattresses do not improve by sitting in the rain. They do not get clean; they get moldy. So, why all these "new" mattresses? Perhaps there was a sale on mattresses at a nearby furniture store.

Or, maybe these folks have given up sleeping in a bed. Maybe because they're no longer sleeping, per se, but regenerating after a hard night of murdering and blood-sucking. That right, people! We cannot ignore the vampire threat in our own backyards! Of course they don't need their mattresses anymore: they're sleeping in coffins!!

Don't say I didn't warn you.