Color Codes
Severe risk of offense; approach this column with an open mind
High risk of discomfort and punctured stereotypes; possible reasoning
Elevated chance of new ideas and critiques of the status quo
Situation guarded; column may contain new and unfamiliar ideas
Low risk of original thinking; close-minded bigots need look no further
The Electron Glutton Op-Ed Column Alert Color Codes are designed to keep the reader informed as to risks related to individual columns found in these pages. The Codes are guidelines only, and are not intended to take the place of common sense. Readers should always be alert for the possibility of encountering new and challenging ideas; they should keep their mind open to reasoned arguments presented with a minimum of sarcasm and condescension. Please note that, as with the Department of Homeland Security terrorist risk color codes, it is highly unlikely that the LOW color code will ever be used. Thank you for your attention and CONSTANT VIGILENCE.