01.16.06 Welcome! To the Year 2006! Isn't it astounding?

Here's something you may not know: as near as I can figure, a 1kg cannon shell, moving at just 1 percent of light speed, carries double the kinetic energy of a 5000 ton gunboat traveling at 1.5km/s. That's 1500 meters every second, and still the KE of that warship, all 5000 metric tons, is only half that of the 1kg projectile. Fucking unbelieveable. This makes ship collisions a lot less exciting than I anticipated. But don't worry. I've got something up my sleeve to make this a bit more interesting.

What "this" do I speak of? You'll have to wait until Episode 225 to find out. Suffice it for me to say, it'll be cool. Ta for now.
12.31.05 Ack! Still no redesign for this little page. Sorry about that. This table format is both unwieldy and unpretty. But it's what we've got for the moment, so I'll just stick with it for now.

I am currently listening to Pawaqqatsi, by Philip Glass. Many people might be a bit turned off by Glass's minimalist composing style, and I think some of his music is intolerable. But this stuff is incredible. A wonderful starting point for anyone who's interested. Sorry for the off-topic recommendation.

Maccabee hasn't progressed much over the holiday time, sadly. But that's what the buffer is there for! Yey! OK, I obviously have nothing of value to say. Just trying to keep it from being another two years before I update this page. Love to you all.
12.19.05 I think calling this the "News" section is a little bit disingenuous at this point, but I was checking my links previous to trying to list the site on a few directories, and stumbled across this ancient history. Let's hope that this will see a few more updates. No time like the present!

This little bit of the website will feature news about Maccabee, hopefully just a little update on how the writing is going, etc., etc. Just to do that right now, I am currently working on Episode 224 (as yet nameless). So, I've got a bit of a buffer going on here. I'd also like to use this space to answer any questions that might come my way, since I've got nothing in the way of forums, as yet, on this site. Just so you know.

Finally, expect this page to be updated to match the rest of my CSS-tastic web goodness sometime in the nearish future.
07.20.03 Well, as of today, Maccabee is active and running. With any luck, the second episode will be here on the 1st of August, or thereabouts. I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy what they find, but please remember that this is a work in progess. What you will be reading here is essentially a rough draft; I am only editing each episode for the glaring errors. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with what I'm doing so that the story doesn't go off track (as some of them have!). So keep your fingers crossed. If you have anything to say, say it. Have a good time.


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